An introduction to Solar PV from SolarUK


A real opportunity

Those who adopt the technology will see a real saving on their electricity bill and a seperate income from every single unit of electricity generated!

The important thing to mention is we are MCS accredited so all new installations comply with all current legislation and quality guidlines.

Domestic Solar PV Installation

This installation would be limited by either your budget or the size of the roof. A medium sized domestic solar P.V. installation could be 2 kW of solar panels.

This could be 8 solar panels, each panel being about 1 metre by 1.65 metres. The overall price would typically be about £3,995 and include equipment, installation and connection to the mains.


What is the payback? . Depending on your electricity supplier, they will pay for any units exported, so any excess energy generated will be used and be paid for, and of course, you don't have to pay your electricity company anything for energy that you generate and you use yourself. Your utility company usually assumes that 50% of the energy generated is exported to the national grid.

commercial solar array

This will also add real value to your house in that it not only has a lower electricity running cost but can make money for the new owner.
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Interested in generating your own renewable energy? It's easy

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