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SolarUK Ltd maintains a watch on current news about our industry. We have presented our up to date list of news items below.

Solar and Storage could save you £600/a
A new study from the University of Swansea reveals the possible returns from solar and storage combinations
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 10 August 2017 13:31

What 4 AGM batteries and some PV can do for you
Find out how a domestic PV and battery system can give you increased energy security and add value to your solar system.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 10 August 2017 10:26

This isn't a "Wind" up
Solar UK Ltd investigate the potential of small scale wind power with a new RnD project at our head office in Battle.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 02 August 2017 14:27

UKPN supports Battery storage and publishes guidelines
UK Power Networks (UKPN) has launched a new fast-track application process for small scale electricity storage just days after the government solidified its support for the technology with funding allocations and new regulatory proposals
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 28 July 2017 08:04

The UK’s suite of renewables set a new generation record in the first
Solar PV remains the UK’s most prolific source of renewable electricity by generation capacity,The technology took the lead from onshore wind in Q4 2015 and has been the most-deployed renewable since then. BEIS now places total solar deployment at around 12.2GW, but actual deployment is likely to be in excess of 12.5GW, edging closer to the 13GW mark.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 30 June 2017 07:56

Scam report - Stenfield & Co
Company contacting clients claiming Solar UK LTD has gone into liquidation.Please let us know if you receive any correspondence from this company.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 28 June 2017 07:04

Another new record for Solar Energy production in the UK
Solar energy in the United Kingdom broke another record Friday, with the National Grid reporting that solar panels supplied almost a quarter of the country's electricity demands at midday.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 08 June 2017 07:43

Spectacular' drop in renewable energy costs
The greater “bang-for-buck” resulted from plummeting prices for solar and wind power and led to new power deals in countries including Denmark, Egypt, India, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates all being priced well below fossil fuel or nuclear options.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 07 June 2017 09:29

How UK solar broke records last week
Paul Barwell, chief executive at the Solar Trade Association, said that last week’s record was a “colossal achievement” to have been reached within just five years. It’s anyone’s guess as to the heights solar could reach in the near future.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 31 May 2017 06:11

Green Party manifesto to reverse the direction of current Government
The Green Party has pledged to kick-start solar and other renewable technologies with new support schemes as part of the creation of an “energy system fit for the 21st century” set out in its energy and the environment manifesto.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 16 May 2017 06:06


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