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SolarUK Ltd maintains a watch on current news about our industry. We have presented our up to date list of news items below.

Solar tops list of renewables approved by public with 85% support
Solar has continued to be the most popular renewable technology with the public as of September 2019, a factor which must be considered by any prospective government the industry has said. Statistics released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) shows solar has an 85% approval rate with the public.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 11 November 2019 06:40

In Q3 this year, renewables including solar generated more electricity
Between July and September, UK renewables including solar, wind power, biomass and hydropower, produced 29.5TWh of power. During the same period, coal, oil and gas together produced 29.1TWh, according to new analysis by Carbon Brief. As such for the first time ever, renewable generation overtook fossil fuels in the UK.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 16 October 2019 06:46

Solar Ďready to deliverí as Labour proposes 2030 net zero target
This week the Labour Party approved a motion to adopt a Green New Deal, under which the party has pledged to commit to pursuing a net zero economy by 2030 in the event of a Labour majority in any prospective general election. That target, some 20 years earlier than the current target, made legally binding four months ago, would make it the most ambitious and give the UK just eleven years to achieve the transition.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 26 September 2019 14:58

Solar helps push carbon emissions to record low
Solar generated 9% of Britainís electricity on 30 June as carbon emissions dropped to a record-low of 97g/kWh, according to data from Drax.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 26 July 2019 06:46

Solar Generation surpasses Nuclear in Q2
Solar generation increased by 18% in the second quarter of this year as renewables overtook nuclear, new data from EnAppSys reveals.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 19 July 2019 08:57

solarís biodiversity benefits
Solar can help wildlife to thrive, a new tool aims to prove while also seeking to help industry with improving biodiversity of sites.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 10 July 2019 06:35

two weeks Coal free energy production for the UK
Britain has gone two weeks without using coal power for the first time since the industrial revolution, smashing its previous record of eight days set earlier this month.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 31 May 2019 16:33

One week coal free for Britain s Power Generation
For the first time since 1882 the UK has gone for a week generated power without burning coal! Coal has been responsible for over half of the CO2 emissions from power generation so this landmark represents a big step to CO2 free power generation
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 09 May 2019 06:51

Total UK solar generation soared in Q1 2019 to 2.7TW
Energy market analyst EnAppSys has revealed that 2.7TWh of energy was generated by solar farms, up 43% on the previous quarter. There was also an increase in solar generation across Europe, up 14%.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 17 April 2019 07:10

Farewell to FIT's
Looking back, Noble says that despite the cuts and miscalculations from the government, the FiT was a success and was the driving force behind the exponential growth the industry has seen.
Source: solaruk, Date and Time of entry: 27 March 2019 11:11


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