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  • Ground, Flat Roof & Wall Static Mounting Systems

    wall mounted static a-frame solar mounting

    These mounting kits are designed with ease of installation and aesthetics in mind.

    Each kit includes an anodised aluminium A-frame, the appropriate inter-collector manifold and a manifold cover.

    The A-frame allows the collectors to be mounted at 30° tilt on a horizontal surface or at a 60° tilt on a vertical surface. Frames can be secured using mechanical fixings or ballast as required. If requested frames for other mounting/tilt angles can be supplied.

    bigfoot mounting systems
    This provides you with everything required to mount and connect the desired number of LaZer2 collectors on a flat roof, the ground or on a wall.

    Once installed you will be left with a set of flow and return pipes sticking out from the underside/rear of the array.

    The packages detailed below include the appropriate number of collectors and suitable mounting kit:

    Code Name Aperture Width Height Weight
    LZ2-PS2 2-Collector Standard 1.9 m² 2110 mm 1230 mm 80 kg
    LZ2-PS2B 2-Collector Butterfly 1.9 m² 4220 mm 615 mm 80 kg
    LZ2-PS3 3-Collector Standard 2.8 m² 2110 mm 1845 mm 120 kg
    LZ2-PS4 4-Collector Standard 3.7 m² 2110 mm 2460 mm 160 kg
    LZ2-PS4B 4-Collector Butterfly 3.7 m² 4220 mm 1230 mm 160 kg
    LZ2-PS5 5-Collector Standard 4.7 m² 2110 mm 3075 mm 200 kg
    LZ2-PS6B 6-Collector Butterfly 5.6 m² 4220 mm 1845 mm 240 kg
    LZ2-PS8B 8-Collector Butterfly 7.5 m² 4220 mm 2460 mm 320 kg
    LZ2-PS10B 10-Collector Butterfly 9.3 m² 4220 mm 3075 mm 400 kg


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