Solar Energy: Grants and Incentives

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  • Grants etc.

    Homeowners – England, Wales & Northern Ireland

    The grant scheme, previously available to homeowners (excluding Scotland) through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP), has now closed for electricity-generating technologies including solar PV.

    Feed-in Tariffs which started in April 2010 as part of the Government’s Clean Energy Cash Back scheme, will enable people who install Solar PV to receive fixed, premium rate payments for the low carbon electricity they produce.  They will receive further payments for any surplus energy fed into the grid.


    To be eligible for the tariffs, the system must be installed by an MCS-accredited installer.

    Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI): Started in October 2012 and pays a cash incentive based on the amount of energy saved by installing an alternative heating system.


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    For details of the previous grants scheme and information about loans, please see (England, Wales & Northern Ireland)

    or (Scotland).

    See SolarUK’s Feed-in Tariff page for more information, including rates.

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