Solaruk: Commercial use of Solar Energy (Includes domestic FIT rates)


commercial solar farmSolarUK has experience in all types of Commercial PV installations from Housing developments to “Solar Farms”. We can advise on mounting systems for all applications and offer design optimisation for string configurations, cable loss, and inverter selection.

SolarUK will advise in all aspects of the design process including planning and Grid Connect application.

Installations over 4KW (or 16 amps per phase) will require a G59 application from the DNO (electricity supplier).

Click here for OFGEM FIT rates table as a pdf download. Please note that on the table you will see Higher, Middle and Lower Rate.
These apply as such:

Higher: Properties with EPC certificate band D of better.
Middle: An idividual or company with more than 25 systems on multiple properties
Lower: Properies with an EPC of Band E or lower (or no EPC)

Tariff Table below shows expected FIT rates as they will apply to new installations installed in the coming year.
NB.Tariff rates also apply to Domestic installations, see band for 4kW or less

fit rates


Tariffs for start of 2016

Source: DECC

fit rates 2015
Or click here / above to see latest pdf dowbload from OFGEM

solar farm

Design, Supply and Installation Service

SolarUK Ltd is an MCS registered company with the capability and experience to design, supply and install optimised PV Solar systems. For architects, M & E Contractors, main contractors and Clients, SolarUK Ltd can answer your questions and provide the ultimate solution.

Service, Maintenance and Diagnostic options

SolarUK Ltd has skilled staff to expertly analyse system performance and optimise financial returns. We offer service and maintenance solutions to ensure your system performs for the 20 year Feed in Tariff period. Training, Education and CPD Seminars SolarUK Ltd, with experienced staff, can bring you the latest technology in the market and help you understand the benefits.

solar array on flat roofSolarUK have worked alongside many high profile companies including the following:

Countryside Properties ; Bam Nuttall ; NG Bailey ; Emcor ; Mitie Construction ; Imtech Meica Kershaw Mechanical ; Westridge Construction ; Axiom Building Services ; Mansell Construction ; EIC Ltd

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