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Solar thermal installation, Thornton Heath

A 2-collector system on a southeast facing pitched roof.

A 2-collector system on a southeast facing pitched roof

In 2007 SolarUK installed a 2-collector LaZer2 system at Mr Szczelkun’s three bedroom home in Surrey.  Mounted on a southeast facing roof, the collectors are heating a 170 litre twin coil unvented hot water cylinder located in the loft.  An automatic blender valve allows the temperature of water reaching the taps to be kept between 30°C and 60°C.

In summer 2010 Mr Szczelkun had high praise for the system: “Our solar hot water installation has been in place for more than two and a half years now and has been working without problem or any need for maintenance…The engineers who put the system in were skilled, good communicators and excellent in all ways. I'd give the installation experience 5 stars. I'd also give the design of the system 5 stars.”

A 2-collector system schematic

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