Solar Energy: Solar PV in Ehgham Surrey


Roof mounted 3kW Domestic Solar PV system

Egham Surrey solar pv installation

ST Panels Sharp 245W Monocrystalline
Annual ST Yield 2.94 kWH
Location Egham Surrey
Carbon Saved per year 1265 Kg/year
Inverter SMA Sunny Boy 3000HF
Commissioned DECEMBER 2011
Estimated production 2,423kWh/a

After having a solar thermal system fitted by Solar UK in August 2008, the clients first thought was to contact Solar UK for more information on the possible Return on Investments of Photo-Voltaic systems. He subsequently opted for a 3 kWp system feeding a Sunny Boy HF range inverter with Bluetooth communication technology built in.

SMA Sunny Boy 3000HF

solar pv inverter Sunny Boy

High Yields
Maximum Efficiency over 96%
Best tracking efficiency with OptiTrack MPP Control
OptiCool active temperature management

Galvanic Isolation
Integrated DC Load disconnecting unit ESS
Anti theft protection

Easy To Use
Fast and Easy installation due to plug-in communication unit
Innovative DC plug system SUNCLIX
Plugin grounding(Optional)

Simple country configuartion
Multi-Langauge graphic display
Bluetooth® technology

SolarUK at a glance

At SolarUK we are unique in that we provide solar solutions, working with the customer to turn their solar gain into Energy.

We specialize in enabling customers to realise their solar potential and the real financial gains associated.

Unparalleled experience in both domestic and large scale installations, Solar UK has the expertise to tackle your energy demands.

Download Egham Roof mounted solar pv case study as pdf

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