Solar Energy: Multiple Solar PV Installations


Photovoltaic Panel Thermal Image diagnostic

Solar PV installed on housing development as part of build

Carbon Saved 2395 KG/ANNUM
Commissioned 2015

A ground Mounted 4 KWP solar PV array installed in East Sussex on a rural domestic property. The system utilised the Enphase micro inverters on the back of each 250W poly crystalline module which allows the performance monitoring of each individual panel.

schematic of individual solar pv installs on major housing development

The screen dump from the Enphase Envoy monitoring software clearly shows one module is not performing as it should. The position in the array eliminates the possibility of localised shading and there was no visible damage to the panel in question.

A survey by SolarUK using a thermal imaging camera clearly shows the heat build up associated with the higher resistance of a faulty section of a PV panel. The local “hot spots” on the other modules are due to the location of the micro inverters behind each module.

Had the installation been a string inverter system the only indication would have been a lower than predicted annual energy performance so potentially goes unnoticed!

This performance loss severely effects the return on investment and costs hundreds of pounds every year it goes unnoticed.

SolarUK’s Servicing and Diagnostic capabilities including Drone surveys finds hidden faults allowing for maximum productivity for our clients

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