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SolarUK provides the technology behind the UK's first solar-powered bird scarer

Solar powered bird scarer

An effective and humane method of keeping birds away in a wide range of locations - from crop fields in the countryside to urban parks and airports – needs sophisticated technology, and SolarUK, designer and manufacturer of solar hot water systems, has been working with Uckfield company Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems to produce a bird scarer powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels.

SolarUK is already recognized as a leader in its field, having developed the award-winning LaZer2 solar tracker. The Scarecrow Compact bird dispersal system uses natural bird distress calls to prompt birds to move on. Powering the unit using solar panels means it can be independent of external power supplies and also a ‘low carbon’, money-saving solution.

The portable and weatherproof Compact activates itself when any bird movement is detected using infrared sensors. The distress calls of gulls, starlings and crows are among those imitated. As with the company’s other systems, it has benefited from ongoing research by ornithologists.

Speaking at the launch of the PV-powered version, Director of Eridge-based SolarUK, Geoff Fox, said “We are very pleased to have worked with Tony Walker [Chief Executive] and the rest of the team at Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems on what was a challenging but ultimately very successful project. It required real innovation on the part of our engineers”.

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