Solar Energy: Roofray energy potential calculator


Calculating your potential energy

The roofray option to the left will assist you in calculating how much solar energy you might expect from your roof and the amount of area that you expect to allocate to solar panels.

Click 4 times on each of the corners of the area where you expect to place your solar panels, then a fifth click back on the start of the box to close it.

You will now see a red line appear, drag the green marker at the end of it so the red line follows the slope of your roof.

It is primarily aimed at the user in the USA so the UK user is largely limited to the "Draw Array" tab which will give you an excellent indication of the energy potential of your roof.

To find out more, simply copy your postcode into the box below, identify your property and send the form to us, we can give you a price and a clearer idea of how much you can expect to make.

Interested in generating your own renewable energy? Its easy

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