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Which Company to use?

Our Answer

With so many new companies offering solar energy, how do I know which is the best company to use?

This is a good question, as we have all seen a huge increase in the number of companies installing solar energy systems over the last couple of years, but will they last the test of time?

Solar UK, based in East Sussex, is one of the longest established manufactures and installers of solar PV and solar thermal systems in the UK. For over 12 years they have developed the expertise and know how second to none. Their engineers and installers are well renowned for designing and installing award winning systems and are proud to be able to help their customers achieve results far beyond their expectations.

Not only do they work with domestic customers, but they also help architects and planners to design the most efficient systems for use in new and existing buildings. As industry experts, they are able to plan for the future and expect to play an important role in this exciting new phase of providing free and sustainable green energy.

As part of this process, Solar UK have been responsible for designing and manufacturing the Laser2 Solar thermal collector, seen by many in the industry as a brand leader, being far more efficient than others in its class. This research and development will continue far into the future.

More information can be found here: About SolarUK

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